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Spotlight: Ba-Nom-a-Nom

Spotlight: Ba-Nom-a-Nom

By Eighth & Fork on July 11, 2020 in Spotlight

An unexpected twist in the saga of ice cream

What do you think of with that first bite of ice cream? The cold creamy texture, sweet delicious flavor, etc. etc. etc. We all love it, yet we all know it’s probably best that we refrain from eating the whole pint. What if we told you that something existed that checked all of these boxes; where you could eat the whole pint and not feel guilty about it? Thanks to Ba-Nom-a-Nom such a thing does exist!

Created from the simple sweetness of fresh fruit, Ba-Nom-a-Nom has graced us with some glorious frozen treats. Not to get too technical about their methods but essentially they use a magic blender, throw some frozen fruit into it and voila. Sweet, delicious, cold and natural in the every sense of the word.

Our minds were blown when we first tried Ba-Nom-a-Nom. It was an explosion of flavor with the first bite. In a way it was like we were cheating, no way something this delicious can be healthy for you. Yet somehow Ba-Nom-a-Nom has bent the laws of food science and physics, went beyond the realm of time/space and brought back a frozen treat that defies the laws of the universe. We think even Einstein would be impressed. We thank you Ba-Nom-a-Nom for you and your magic blender!

We wish we could describe exactly what your first bite will be like but it’s really best that you try it yourself. I guarantee you will not be disappointed! Celebrate July, national ice cream month, with Ba-Nom-a-Nom and your Eighth & Fork card; your taste buds will thank you later!

*Check out their website for their locations this week!