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Spotlight: Reunion Bread

Spotlight: Reunion Bread

By Eighth & Fork on July 6, 2020 in Spotlight

Reunion Bread is Denver’s premier bakery. Each item is made with the highest quality of ingredients, resulting in exquisite taste, aesthetic and texture.

Meet Ismael

Born in Venezuela and raised by Portuguese immigrants, Ismael De Sousa’s multi-cultural background is reflected beautifully in his delectable creations. What he has done in a small amount of time is nothing short of remarkable.  He has stamped Reunion Bread on the  “Highly Recommend” list from Bon Appetit magazine thanks to his golfeados (Venezuelan sticky buns).  But we promise you this place is so much more than that.

Reunion‘s signature sourdough will lure you in from across town with its incredible aroma; their croissants will leave you questioning your self control, fighting with your inner voice which is saying, “Just one more”.  And don’t even get us started on those ridiculous guava creations.

The Goods Made With Love

If you’re thinking of channelling your inner baker, Reunion Bread also supplies fresh milled flour, sourdough starter and an assortment of other baking necessities.

Come on down and say hi to Ismael at Reunion Bread and the rest of the crew, if not just to get those free smells. And don’t forget, the more you’re dropping that Eighth & Fork card, the more meals we donate. Eat tastefully!