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Spotlight: Unravel Coffee

Spotlight: Unravel Coffee

By Eighth & Fork on July 15, 2020 in Spotlight

If the future was a coffee shop, Unravel Coffee would be it

When you first enter a space you really get a feel for what it’s all about. A place that is dark, slightly dank, has old stale beer smell, you think of a pub. Bright, airy, smells of cinnamon rolls, definitely Ikea. When you first walk into Unravel Coffee, it’s familiar yet not. Fresh and new, but at the same time not out of touch. The artwork drops hints and flows well into the space. Everything is in it’s right place.

You may be thinking how is this place any different from the hundreds of other shops in town. Well, friends, as usual the devil is in the details. Unravel Coffee has taken a stand against the old ways of the coffee industry. Steve Holt, the founder of Unravel Coffee, has used his immense experience to bridge the gap between coffee consumers and coffee growers through the power of technology.

Through years and years of relationship building in more than 40 countries, Mr. Holt can source innumerable amounts of coffees. The results are flavor profiles which can only be found at Unravel Coffee, but more so than that, are the connections Mr. Holt has made with some of the companies and people responsible for pushing the industry into the future.

Their Bellwether vent-less electric roasting system is the stuff of science fiction. You look at the thing and immediately think of HAL from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey. It’s modern aesthetic is a drastic contrast to traditional roasters; large apparatuses with gas flames not looking dissimilar to an old steam locomotive. Through various temperatures of roasting and duration of the roast, a coffee roaster can add their very own flavor signature to the coffee itself.

What this new technology enables is limitless when it comes to roasting. Not only is the new system compact but a green technology. Zero emissions. It’s the Tesla of coffee roasting.
With consistent temperature control and timing, the result is a superior product when it comes to consistency and flavor.

We highly recommend checking out Unravel Coffee and seeing what the future of coffee tastes like!