July Features

Dine in and take-out included!

Note: All featured restaurants for this month are for dine in or takeout!

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The Rotary

Fresh, seasonal and delicious.  They specialize in Churrasco-style rotisserie, The Rotary slow cooks meats over a wood fire to bring out the best flavors.


Cafe Byblos Mediterranean Grill has been a neighborhood staple since 2013, but recently it’s gotten a new lease on life. New owners, a completely new menu, and a bit of a remodel have given the Greek/Lebanese cafe a cool new vibe.

Cranelli’s Italian

This family run spot in Lone Tree is something off the beaten path that is more than worth it.  Classic Italian flavors and dishes with their rustic touch.  We can’t wait for you to enjoy a bowl full of their incredible pasta!

Pints Peak

Pint’s Peak is Denver’s underground small batch artisan ice cream. We’re here to change the way you think about ice cream through unique flavors you never knew you needed. We’re obsessed with keeping our ice cream unprocessed and pure, sourcing the finest ingredients and made with all local Colorado dairy. As a small woman-owned venture, we give back to our community, promote other local small businesses, and support equality and inclusivity for all people.

It’s the best ice cream you’ve never had.

Knockabout Burgers

Knockabout Burgers is a crafty burger joint inspired by our love for juicy burgers, garlicky aioli, happy cows, crunchy veggies, smiling faces, gooey cheese, pickled things and yummy ice cream.

Every order Knockabout Burgers serves is an opportunity to spark a connection with each other and the planet. Our burgers are made with meat that is raised in sync with nature; heavenly homemade aioli, fresh hand-cut slaw and rad salads are sourced locally and organically whenever possible. Good Burgers, Swell Times!

Little Owl Coffee

A Coffee Roastery in Denver, Colorado. Taking coffee and coffee service to the next level.

The Panza

Thin, Crispy & Chewy? Yes, Yes & Yes! Incredibly Delicious? ABSOLUTELY!

The Panza sticks are light in sweetness, yet bursting with flavor in every bite. Thin, crispy and chewy at times. Each stick is uniquely delightful and will keep you coming back for more. Made with natural and organic ingredients. This ideal ‘anytime-treat’, is also the perfect companion to your coffee, tea, beer, wine or spirit. Fancy up your favorite ice cream, add to your next charcuterie board or just get creative with them. The possibilities are endless!

The Panza sticks are a modern twist to a classic family recipe, that pays homage to our Euro-Caribbean heritage.
“Panza” is an endearing term for belly in Spanish. “Panza llena, corazón contento” or Full belly, happy heart!

Uptown & Humboldt Food Truck

Uptown & Humboldt is an international, multi-cuisine food experience. They deliver ‘A Taste of Our Travels’ in every plate. U & H is known for their burgers, gyros, yuca fries, and handcrafted beverages. They proudly serve G’s Choice Special which is a rotating special that transports each and every customer to a special country of their choice. Where will Uptown & Humboldt take you next?